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Harland is now part of the Accraply family. 


The acquisition further strengthens Accraply’s ongoing commitment to the self-adhesive labeling industry in Europe and expands Accraply’s global footprint. The addition of Harland within the family of Accraply, Trine, Graham, Sleevit and Stanford brands complements Accraply’s position as a global provider of a complete range of labeling and shrink sleeve application and converting equipment and services.



Worldwide Distribution of First Class, Industry Leading Labelling Machines

At Harland we have a network of agents and distributors that cover all corners of the globe, simply click on the Contact tab above to find the contact details for your country. Whatever your requirements and whatever industry you operate in, our expert advisors can assist you with a labelling solution.



Send the Right Message to Your Customers with High Speed Labelling Machines from Harland


At Harland we know that each company we work with has their own specific mechanical and electrical requirements and it is our mix of standard labelling equipment and additional design capability which enables us to manufacture the desired solution. From simple applicators to high speed, rotary and linear labelling machines using the most cutting edge technology, Harland has the widest range of labelling equipment available worldwide. From the Harland Comet, an innovative and highly advanced label applicator, to the Eclipse, a labelling machine developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, each and every labelling machine is manufactured by Harland to the same exacting standards and quality that has made us market leaders within our industry.


Let Harland help you to Improve your Production Efficiency


Over the years Harland has become a ‘knowledge' company and our innovative Research and Development Department is just one of the added-value benefits that our numerous clients enjoy. As we are designers, as well as manufacturers, our experience in labelling some of the most difficult products in a variety of geographical and industrial markets allows us to meet your needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner. High accuracy and reliability are the fundamental principles of our working practice and our experienced and personable Harland representatives will work with you to establish your needs and find a viable solution for you. Contact Harland today to see how we can help you to improve your production efficiency and ensure the quality of your primary label decoration sends the right message to your customers.


And that’s not all...


At Harland Machine Systems we like to make sure that we offer an end-to-end service for our clients’ packaging and labelling needs. That’s why we work with a number of other companies to offer an overall solution to the manufacturing process including;




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