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Gemini Label Splicing System


Label Splicing System


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Designed for higher speed production environments where optimum production efficiency is assured by utilising manual splicing techniques for continuous label application. The ‘Gemini’ offers an ergonomic, trouble-free, reliable facility which can be adapted to any pressure-sensitive labelling system where the minimum or no downtime is a prime objective.


Consisting of two 500mm diameter vertically-mounted reels with variable speed powered unwind. A label reservoir system and splicing table are incorporated which allow continuity of label-feed whilst the manual splicing operation is carried out. The web is turned to a vertical attitude via a rotating module. The sequencing of the system is controlled by a PLC.



Enhanced Features

 • Can be incorporated into any labelling system  • DC drive 110 or 240 volt
 • Maximum linear speed 110 metres per minute  • PLC control (expandable)
 • Hour counter/Speed control  • Dual supply reels 500mm diameter with 76mm or 152mm cores
 • Maximum web width 150mm  • Variable dispensing speed  
 • Splicing table  • Low label & broken web detection
 • Construction – stainless steel/mild steel parts, powder coated  • Robust design – guarded
 • CE & EMC compliance  • Can be used with top or side-mounted labelling heads





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