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Pulsar Ultra High Speed Labelling System


Ultra High-Speed, Cost-Effective, PS-Labelling


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Low-cost ultra-thin film label material Complex/difficult label application Greater accuracy & improved reliability ‘Pulsar’ is cutting-edge technology which allows PS-labelling to reach new applications that require accurate, high-speed and cost-effective labelling, without compromising line speeds.


The heart of this new technology ensures the rigorously demanded levels of label placement accuracy plus a unique, smooth, continuous label feed which allows much thinner label material to be applied at speed. Material costs are therefore reduced and wastage cut. Branding of beverage bottles, where the ‘no label’ look originated, has benefited from this breakthrough development on ultra-thin films. The benefits of PS-labelling, now achievable with ‘Pulsar’ - faster changeover from one product to another, reduced set-up times, no costly changeparts, high impact labels/branding and a cleaner environment - now make it a highly affordable alternative to wet glue!



Enhanced Features

Labelling speeds in excess of 1,000 bottles per minute.


Greater accuracy - unique Intermediate Transfer Device (ITD) removes label transfer errors.

Improved reliability - smooth operation.

Enhanced efficiency - continuous label feed reduces applied loads.

Ability to use low-cost - lightweight materials.

Effortless labelling - even at very high speeds.

High quality product dressing/branding on glass or plastic bottles.



Harland Has Developed ‘Pulsar’ Technology To Incorporate Three Key Features:

Predominantly continuous feed of the label/liner stock.

Patented Intermediate Transfer Device (ITD) to accept labels at normal 3mm (1/8 inch) gapping but then to modify the pitch to match the product feed.

Label position verification on the ITD with ‘intelligent’ compensation to eradicate label web and feed anomalies - ensuring total accuracy of label placement.




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