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The Harland Range of Highly Efficient & Flexible Label Applicator Machines

Label applicators

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At Harland we supply a comprehensive range of label applicator machinery to meet the varied production line requirements of all of our customers. Each item in the Harland range of PS-label applicators has been designed to ensure optimum compatibility and conformity whatever the use. Having been manufactured to rigorous quality control standards and with an unblemished record of trouble-free installation worldwide, our customers throughout the world are delivered with efficient and exceptionally reliable solutions to their label application needs.


We go in to more detail about our label application equipment below, but if you would like more information including pricing details, or some impartial advice on what type of label applicator would be best to suit your requirements, then please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be happy to help.


Dedicated to Providing High Quality Solutions for Labelling Applications

Boasting a team filled with incredibly highly skilled engineers, cutting edge technology to enable cutting edge machine design and the experience and knowledge that comes with over 40 years in the labelling industry, Harland have all of the attributes that enable us to build the highest quality label application machines available worldwide.

The Harland range of label applicators can handle applications from price marking and promotional labelling to highly decorative branding at varying speeds and different configurations. They can be supplied as stand-alone label applicator units, integrated into existing production lines or as a fully automated system with suitable product handling, conveying and finishing units.


Harland Proteus

Designed to be one of the most versatile and flexible label applicators in the market place, the Harland Proteus’ reliability and uncomplicated design make it easy to operate with minimum service and maintenance required.


 • Easily maintained  • Variable speed
 • Range of modular accessories  • Stepper motor drive
 • Capable of accepting most types of label stock  • Easily mounted to other primary packaging equipment
 • Accepts most types of coding/marking equipment  


Harland Sirius

Utilising micro-processor control, this label applicator can be interfaced with the most sophisticated primary packaging equipment and/or production line specifications. Important enhancements include product memory capability up to 100, more robust design and larger label reel capacity of 400mm reducing downtime and adding to greater line efficiency.


 • Compact  • 400mm OD reels
 • User-friendly  • Micro-processor
 • Graduated scales  • Accuracy +/- 0.5mm beak edge
 • ‘Blow-on’ option for easily damaged product.  



Harland Comet

Innovative and highly advanced, offering outstanding performance for 21st century packaging lines, these label applicator machines can be supplied as a self-contained unit fitted to any Harland automatic linear or rotary labelling system, or as special customised systems.


 • Robust  • Simple to operate
 • Motion or Micro-processor control  • 400mm OD reels               
 • Quick release waste removal
 • Product memory capacity of 100
 • Servo and Stepper motor drive  • Security code protection to prevent unauthorised use
 • Accuracy +/- 0.5mm beak edge  


Customised Label Applicator Machinery from Harland

Although we supply the widest range of label application machines on the market, our work doesn’t stop there. We know from experience that certain industries have unique requirements that may not be covered by our general range of label application equipment and in these cases our highly skilled engineers are able to design and manufacture customised solutions to exactly match our customers’ needs and specifications.

For more information or advice on our customised services or for further details on any of our labelling applications range please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.



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