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Eclipse Ampoule Labelling Machine


High-Speed Ampoule/Vial Labeller for the Pharmaceutical industry


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Developed specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry the Harland Eclipse has been designed to handle high speed partial or full wrap label applications on ampoules or vials.

Packed with the latest technology, the Harland Eclipse Ampoule/Vial Labeller is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry. Developed to address stringent GMP requirements and quick changeover times the Eclipse is designed for both stand-alone or production line use.



Enhanced Features

The latest motion control technology ensures accurate control of both product and label dispensing function while the vertically mounted label head reduces the overall footprint of the machine and offers maintenance friendly access to all drive components.

Servo driven product handling turret providing smooth, efficient handling of the product through the application process. The turret speed is independent of the conveyor system but is controlled by the same product level sensors, ensuring high speed throughput when product is available, reducing on low level to retain product stability. The Eclipse turret changepart is completely tool-less and is designed to incorporate all normal changeover adjustment necessary to match the product diameter in one single piece.


Single pendant mount human interface accesses machine controls through multi-level "menus" and "recipes". Multi-level passwords allow security code protection to prevent unauthorised adjustments. The single colour touch sensitive screen offers access to all machine controls, parameters and settings.


Standard peripherals incorporate a number of options for variable data marking, together with a choice of inspection systems to verify anything from basic print presence through to full Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Similarly all industry standard barcode symbologies can be inspected. Control can be applied at various levels, from basic "show and go" systems , through to advanced systems compatible with currentand proposed serialisation schemes. Labels identified as having incorrect or missing data are tracked from the label applicator head, ensuring that the ampoule or vial to which they are applied is securely ejected from the line.


Standard validation package meeting all current regulatory requirements is available, while customised packages can be designed on request to comply with site-specific requirements and machine peripheral configuration. Our validation package, while saving time and money, provides a high degree of assurance that operation will consistently produce labelled product that meets all specified criteria.




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