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Neptune Multi Purpose IP65 Labelling Machine


Aseptic, High-Speed, Multi-Purpose PS-Labelling Machine


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A robust, user-friendly, fast and ‘hoseable’ system. Available as a 4 station machine or with 2 stations, ‘Neptune’ is the industry leader where line efficiency and cleanliness are essential.


Developed as a ‘clean sheet design’, these purpose-built motion controlled PS-labellers can withstand the rigours of such wet and hazardous production lines, giving assured, efficient and reliable operation around the clock.



Enhanced Features

Environment-proofing using special stainless steel construction. Electrical/electronic cabinets, consoles, push buttons, motors are dust & water ingress protected to IP Code 65/NEMA 4X. Containment traps and drain holes to dissipate water. Effective sealing of all mechanical and electrical joints.

Essential cleaning is facilitated by the aseptic design and construction of the system which can be entirely hosed down with impunity with water and cleaning fluids.

User-friendly controls within stainless steel control boxes are ergonomically positioned to suit individual operators. Clear sealed plastic doors ensure maximum display visibility.

‘Harland Comet’ label heads with a simple quick-change facility and special locking collets which provide zero movement when locked.

Label head adjustability effected through a robust controlled height & tilt mechanism. Fine adjustments, in two planes.

Maximising uptime is achieved via the quick changeover between products or to replace a label reel, as the label heads tilt away from the body of the machine and are easily accessible.

Conveyor unit is self-motorised and constructed with an open base to allow the throughput of sterilising fluid. Slatband and wear strips are made from resilient plastic and are easily cleaned.



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