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Sirius VRS Wrap Around Labelling System


Cost-Effective, Versatile, User-Friendly, No Changepart Labelling System.


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The latest model in the highly successful Harland range of pressure sensitive labelling machines is the Sirius VRS, a wrapround machine incorporating the new Vertical Roller Stabiliser Module.


The Sirius Vertical Roller Stabiliser has been designed specifically for high tolerance wrapround applications to a wide range of cylindrical products where optimum labelling accuracy, zero label skew and maximum product throughput are required.



Enhanced Features

Sirius VRS has been designed for the Cosmetics, Toiletries, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries. In recognising the special needs of the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industries Sirius VRS will accept all proprietary marking and security systems.

Sirius VRS is designed to be user friendly with a unique quick change mandrel system, changeover is simple keeping downtime to a minimum. Label application speeds of up to 300 per minute are achieved with a maximum line speed of 25 metres per minute.

The basic machine, with its Motion Controlled Stepper Motor driven labelling head, has all the high spec features of the standard Sirius.

The specially designed Wrapround System with a Vertical Roller Stabiliser enables the Sirius VRS to apply labels to a range of round containers and excels in the application of labels to unstable products.

Products are supported by three point contact, between two vertical rollers and a wide belt wrapround, during label application. This ensures vertical orientation of the product and highly accurate label application, irrespective of the stability of the product.




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