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Titan Linear Self Adhesive Labelling Machine


The World’s Most Advanced Linear PS-Labelling System.


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A giant step in labelling for global brands. Developed out of a major global contract, ‘Titan’ is a new high-speed, heavy-duty 4-station linear PS-labelling system for applying front & back labels to any shape of glass or plastic bottle/container.


Totally servo-driven, ‘Titan’ can accurately label at speeds up to 450bpm as standard. Flexibility in the incorporation of conventional ‘Comet’ or advanced  ‘Pulsar’ labelling heads allows for the effective high speed application of ultra-thin film labels.



Enhanced Features

Quick and easy changeover between different products is provided by the use of retractable labelling heads that slide out easily when splicing, replenishing or changing label reels; thus minimising line downtime. Further enhanced by colour-coded changepart scrolls.

Heavy-duty linear modular construction reducing maintenance and changeover costs. Also vital in relation to ease of repairs and servicing.  Easily integrated into existing production lines.

Enhanced control system
incorporating single touch screen user interface provides a very high level of user diagnostics. The unique software enables quick set-up times between product changeover and is self-monitoring to provide optimum reliability and operational efficiency.

Innovative wipedown module ensures labels are efficiently smoothed to exactly and accurately match the contours of even the most irregularly-shaped containers and bottles. Optional product handling pucks are available for correctly presenting the most complex of shapes.

Fully integrated inspection/vision systems provide detection for label verification and presence, accuracy of position and alignment, barcode reading, evaluation and verification.



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