About Harland – Industry Leading Label Machine Manufacturers


Established in 1972, Harland Machine Systems is a market leading labelling machinery manufacturer.  Specialising in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of high quality, reliable, efficient and cost-effective self-adhesive (pressure-sensitive - PS) labelling machinery, our experience and knowledge has seen us grow to become one of the most respected and trusted labelling manufacturers in the world.


Why Harland is considered a World Leader in the Labelling Machinery Manufacturers Industry


What sets us apart from most other labelling machinery manufacturers is our knowledge and experience, our world-wide presence, our dedication to innovative research and development and the unparalleled range of labelling machines that we offer.  We are also one of the few labelling machinery manufacturers who have the expertise and skills to manufacture customised labelling solutions for less generic purposes fulfilling our customers’ exact needs.


Take a look at our extensive range to see for yourself the plethora of options that we have, or if you have a requirement that doesn’t seem to be covered then please contact us and let us develop a solution for you.


Innovative Labelling Machinery


Designed to meet the specific requirements of a diverse range of markets, Harland Machine Systems has become the recognised benchmark labelling machine manufacturer for excellence in PS-labelling technology. We have received many innovation and service awards in recognition of our total commitment.

Whatever the application; a small, local supplier or part of a global contract with a ‘blue-chip' multinational, the need to design and build to stringent specifications and performance standards is our prime objective. From label applicators to rotary machines each and every item in our range of machines is built to an unprecedented standard and with the highest quality control systems in place to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum hassle to our customers.  


Labelling Manufacturer who covers all Industries

Harland's machines are designed to meet the needs of a variety of industry sectors such as: - pharmaceutical, toiletries, cosmetics, food & beverage and chemicals, each with their own unique requirements for self-adhesive labelling. 


Worldwide Labelling Manufacturers = Worldwide Coverage

At Harland we don’t just claim to be “worldwide” label machine manufacturers, our set-up really proves it. Our headquarters is in Manchester, UK, with subsidiaries Harland America based in Delran, New Jersey, Harland France in Paris, Harland China in Shanghai, plus a network of agents and distributors covering all parts of the world. 


Global Labelling Experience


We have experienced and dedicated Service teams in the UK, USA, France and China, plus a team of International Engineers that covers the rest of the world based out of Manchester UK and Delran USA.  
To find out more about why Harland is the market leader in the labelling machine manufacturer industry or to get more information on any of our machines or services, please contact us and we will be happy to set you on your way to owning seamless, efficient and economical labelling solutions.